This is a NSW DET School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit, Curriculum K-12 blog about ICT in teaching, geared at ICT newcomers. It is relevant to all teachers, and will be of particular interest to teacher librarians. Many linked sites are freely accessible to all. Those which are ONLY available behind the NSW DET portal have an “intranet” annotation.

A number of these links are only accessible from home. They allow you to create resources suitable for IWBs or laptop lessons. Use the links and resources on this blog – if you wish to explore ICT in teaching further, you may use the pathways below. If you would like to build your skills by creating resources using 16 free superb online Web 2.0 tools, consider participating in the Web 2.0 tools for IWBs – online training module.

Pathway – Gather resources
Create a blog to bookmark or save these resources:
Learning objects
Virtual excursion links
Webquest links
Your favourite Web 2.0 tools

Pathway – Use a Web 2.0 tool
Match purpose of tool to task
Watch a tutorial video
Play with the tool that you want students to use/create with
Make a sample to show them
Share ideas in a learning community